Caleb reads the 1921 Thanksgiving Proclamation by President Warren G Harding.'s Kyle Whitmire is aghast that Gov' Ivey is "relaxing" the coron...View Details

Caleb Goes over the election results in Alabama.  John Merrill, the Sec. of State for Alabama calls in to give his thoughts on the election.  Gov. Ive...View Details

Caleb goes through each race and constitutional amendment on his Alabama ballot.  He also gives you the latest on his election day predictions for the...View Details

Caleb's annual Halloween special. does an article highlighting the churches of Doug Jones and Tommy Tuberville, but they get some things wrong...View Details

Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed as the newest Supreme Court Justice.  NPR attacks the Supreme Court and the state of Alabama for not allowing "curbside...View Details

Alabama Senator Doug Jones responds to a questionnaire from the Montgomery Advertiser on abortion and gun rights, but his answers don't match his beha...View Details

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy comes to Montgomery to address the 2020 Faulkner University Benefit Dinner.  Pope Francis decries free markets and encou...View Details

Caleb gives his weekly Alabama coronavirus update.  The left starts attacking Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Trump's possible Supreme Court Nominee.  Caleb ...View Details

The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg throws even more gas on the fiery political landscape of this election.   Don Lemon, AOC and th...View Details

It's Constitution Day and Caleb gives his Coronavirus update for the state of Alabama.  Caleb goes over the preamble of the Constitution and it's mean...View Details

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