The Alabama Department of Public Health holds a press conference to discuss Covid-19. Alabama Sec. of State John Merrill has a spat with Kyle Whitmire...View Details

The Covid-19 might not be in Alabama yet, but it's coming. Caleb helps you prepare for it and tells you how Alabama will fare compared to other states...View Details

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tries to explain the gospel and it doesn't go well.

Barry Moore, who is seeking to represent District 2 of Alabama in the U.S. House, joins the program to discuss the race. Rashida Tlaib wears an anti-S...View Details

Caleb discusses the coronavirus and why the media is trying to make everyone panic. Caleb talks about a fundraiser to help a friend with a sick infant...View Details

The Alabama primary results in 2 big runoffs: Jeff Sessions vs. Tommy Tuberville and Barry Moore vs. Jeff Coleman. Super Tuesday leaves only Joe Biden...View Details

Caleb's live reactions to the results of Alabama's Super Tuesday primary. Featuring live coverage via our news partners at WSFA 12 in Montgomery.

Caleb goes over Alabama's Republican Primary ballot for Super Tuesday.

Becky Gerritson of Eagle Forum Alabama comes on the show to talk about a bill that bans medical transitioning for minors, military charter schools, an...View Details

Why is it important to see the world through Biblical eyes?

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