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Tactcis 2-28-18

New guidelines in the Oklahoma House has many claiming that the state is discriminating against religious minorities from presenting the daily invocat...View Details

Tactics 2-27-18

Why are we so different on the gun control debate?  Jake Tapper does an interview with Parkland's local county Sheriff Scott Israel and asks some tou...View Details

Tactics 2-26-18

Caleb has been declared cancer free and talks about his experiences and the experiences of others with battling cancer.  Special guests John from Mil...View Details

Tactics 2-23-18

CNN host a Town Hall for the sole purpose of painting all second amendment advocates as heartless monsters.  There's a lot of talk about the AR-15, b...View Details

Tactics 2-22-18

President Trump considers proposals on gun control legislation.  Kamala Harris (D-CA) comments on the Parkland shooting and gets trapped by her own w...View Details

Tactics 2-21-18

Are gun control advocates more sympathetic people than gun rights advocates?  Alabama FFA Secretary Gracen Sims joins Caleb to discuss FFA Week.  Pr...View Details

Tactics 2-20-18

How do you have a meaningful debate with others on sensitive issues?  Media eagerly leaps at the opportunity to make appeals for gun control and pret...View Details

Tactics 2-16-18

President Trump proposes overhauling the SNAP (food stamp) program.  Will the Robert Porter scandal seal Chief of Staff John Kelly's fate and end in ...View Details

Tactics 2-15-18

A school shooting in Parkland, Florida has the nation grieving today.  Sports Radio 740's Joe Hunk joins me to discuss San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg ...View Details

Tactics 2-14-18

Republicans make excuses for passing a nearly $400 billion spending bill.  The left and the media go crazy over the Black Panther movie.  The Immigr...View Details