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Tactics 11-28-17

Younger conservatives are less likely to defend Roy Moore.  A new survey gives a breakdown on what Americans consider sexual harrasment.  Nancy Pelo...View Details

Tactics 11-27-17

A Black Friday brawl shuts down a Birmingham mall 40 minutes before closing.  A New York Times opinion piece tries to make the case all Christians mu...View Details

Tactics 11-22-17

We go over the little known history and meaning of Thanksgiving.  I give you my take on the latest Roy Moore news including President Trump's reactio...View Details

Tactics 11-10-17

The Washington Post alleges Judge Roy Moore sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl in 1979.  Laura Glidewell who worked alongside Judge Moore joins us...View Details

Tactics 11-9-17

Josh Moon now claims Roy Moore is not the conservative warrior he seems to be.  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas does a rare TV interview and ta...View Details

Tactics 11-8-17

Stephen Willieford, the hero who stopped the Texas church shooter, does an interview with Stephen Crowder.  We tackle two of the big lies about gun c...View Details

Tactics 11-7-17

We learn more details about the Texas church shooting and the hero that stopped it.  Liberals in Washington and Hollywood mock prayer in the wake of ...View Details

Tactics 11-6-17

A tragic shooting in a small Baptist church in Southerland, Texas leaves 26 dead and 20 injured.  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is assaulted and serious...View Details

Tactics 11-3-17

The House GOP reveals their tax plan.  New details on the New York truck terrorist emerge.  Stories of good people doing the right thing in spite of...View Details

Tactics 11-2-17

Both sides start taking political shots in the wake of the New York terror attack.  Do the rich and corporations pay enough in taxes?  And Joe Hunk ...View Details